Wide angle macro fish eye phone lens

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Triangle triple lens included (Fisheye + wide angle + macro) for 90% smartphone!

Can be quickly caught in the phone lens, the need for the lens in front of the phone lens, you can easily switch the required lens function!

1. Fisheye lens: can shoot 160 degrees angle, the photo is very three-dimensional, the effect of special.
2. Wide-angle lens: wide-angle lens, the use of 0.65 times the super wide-angle lens allows you to shoot a wide range of scenery, such as the larger crowd, architecture and landscape.
3. Macro lens: can be focused to 10-15mm distance to take pictures, with 20X zoom.
Lens use Note:

1. In particular, pay attention to dust and ash, glass lens parts do not use your fingers or other objects to touch, there are dust or foreign matter sticky on the lens or inside will affect the shooting effect, after use to remember to cover the protective cover, Into the storage bag
2. It is the same as the digital products and fear of water, after the water is difficult to form a fog, so that the camera can not use fuzzy;
3. To prevent falling, built-in lenses are high light transmission material, fell to the hard object is likely to be broken.

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Customer Reviews

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Great pictures with fun lenses

Compact, easy to understand instructions, well made, and fun to use

Good product

It’s very nice combo, so nice size to voyage.

High definition macro

I used the macro lens to shoot flowers and butterflies at a local botanical garden and had the most amazing, high-definition result with my iPhone 6. Really high quality CPL and wide lenses as well.


It's a fun little thing :) I was hoping that micro lens would be a bit different but in general its a nice thing to play with :)

Easy to carry

Very good product. Have several items applicable in different situations.