Smart LED Teeth Whitening Device

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Now you don't need to pay high cost to your dentist anymore. With Smart LED teeth whitening device, you can whitening your teeth at home.

No separate timer or watching the clock because it turns off automatically after 16 minutes of use. You can whiten your teeth with it while using your smart-phone, watching TV, reading, etc.

The Smart LED Teeth Whitening Device has 3 USB ports for using, one for Android phone, one for Iphone IOS, another is for computer. It is really convenient for using and portable. NEW DESIGN,YOU DESERVE IT!

Share this device with your families, friends and loved ones.



1.Please rinse tray before using, then use teeth wipe to dry teeth.

2.Look in mirror on the back of power pack, comparing your teeth with shade guide paper, and record which stage you are in.

3.Twist teeth whitening pen, until the gel flows to the brush. Apply teeth whitening gel evenly on your teeth (thickness approximately 1mm)

Avoid applying teeth whitening gel directly on your gum or inside of your lips!

4.Connected the smart teeth whitening device with power pack, put the mouthpiece into your mouth and bite tightly when the light is on. Take deep breaths during treatment to decrease saliva production. (Excessive amount of saliva will dilute the gel's concentration.)

5.Take out mouthpiece after 16 minutes. Rinse your teeth with warm water and compare you teeth with shade guide paper again to see how many shades you have improved.

6.The smart teeth whitening device can be put in directly in warm water or washed under running water. After cleaning, put it on a cool and dry place for next time.


  • one Smart teeth whitening device
  • Two 4ml teeth whitening pen
  • Ten Teeth wipe




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