2-Way Rotating Styling Iron

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Drying and styling your hair isn't something you can't rush, unless you want to end up having a bad hair day. Make your hair routines easy and keep your locks in perfect shape everyday!

You can now skip blow-drying your hair and still get that amazing blowout look!

The 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron dries hair by whisking water out of the hair strands. As the water travels up the rotating barrel, it is vented away safely and quickly without any damage to your hair. It does this as you style resulting in significantly less styling time!

Use a towel to get your hair as dry as possible before you begin. Glide the 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron slowly down your hair once to dry and once to style.

Go Slowly! The 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron works best if you glide it through your hair slowly.

Listen for the Crackle! If you hear a little crackling, that means the moisture is evaporating properly from the barrel and not in your hair.

Straightening: The 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron will straighten even the toughest, most coarse hair and still get fullness and style without the stick-straight 'flatness' of a flat iron. Position the hair iron so the barrel side is next to your scalp. Starting at the roots, close the hair iron onto a 1 to 3 inch section of hair. Slowly glide the hair iron down to the ends of your hair. Go slowly - Take your time! Let the 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron work its magic!

Curling: Curl your hair by wrapping it around the rotating polishing cylinder. Carefully wrap a section of hair around the barrel. Close the 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron and rotate your wrist to ensure the ends of your hair are included. Let the iron rotate for five to ten seconds. Open the unit and let the hair fall from the barrel.

Insider Tips: The 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron will create beautiful blow out flips in seconds! You can flip your ends in or out by simply allowing the barrel to rotate for three to five seconds on the ends of your hair. Give flat hair an extra volume boost by applying the barrel of your 2-Way Rotating Styling Iron to your roots! You can create extra body and volume on the sides and back of the head, as well as additional height to your bangs.

What you will receive:

1x Hair Brush;
1x Carrying bag;
1x User Manual;
1x 2-Way Rotating Hair Iron (UK power)


Voltage : 110 -240V
Size of package : 35*15*8.5cm
Weight : 0.75kg


Customer Reviews

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I received the curling iron, but have not used it yet. I purchased it because I have long hair,


This is amazing! It gets super hot and works for my long hair!

Fell in love

Fell in love with this as it really did a great job on my hair.


Worked well! I like that it's only one unit to get my hair looking fabulous.


This is a great hairstyling tool. I've used this to style my hair