Universal Saw

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Product description

  • Usage: Widely used in construction, decoration, handicraft processing, advertising, pruning fruit trees and other industries, as well as hiking, fishing and other outdoor leisure activities and an essential tool for the average family
  • Multifunction: For general& wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, rope, RV, soft metal, stainless steel, Tile, Ceramic, Stone, wood, and PVC(Flat saw blade) etc
  • Convenience: Sharp serrated saw blade, Lightweight, compact and easy to carry compact; handle wear and feel comfortable. Small space for sawing wire, rod, tube and pull other materials.
  • Creative: Prepare a multifunctional  Saws , create something by yourself.

This Saw is a light compact hand-saw that lets you cut almost any material in both straight line and  in curved line. 

Material: Wood + Polyvinyl chloride
Size: 29cm*17cm



In the use of saw blade grinding saws, knives or cutting tiles and glass and other hard materials, please be sure to use the process of continuous drops of water, otherwise the saw blade is easy to sand off. Be sure to rotate the screws and tighten the saw blade. When replacing the saw blade, do not tighten it too hard. Tighten the screws slowly.

Package Included

4 x Magic Saw blade (for genal & wood)
2 x Tile drill (for tile,soft metal ect.)
1 x Large wood saw blade
2 x Glass saw blade
1 x Magic Saw body
1 x Screw
1 x case

8 in 1:

12 in 1:

Customer Reviews

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Universal Saw

Great all purpose saw!

I needed a small saw to do some basic wood, metal and plastic cutting, and especially one that offered a small form factor. When I saw this Magic saw, I thought it would be perfect so I placed my order.

Once it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was made and how easy it was to use. I swapped out the "hack saw" blade that came attached and installed the large wood cutting saw and proceeded to cut up an old tree in my front yard. The Magic saw made short work of the wood, and the ergonomic handle made the job easy and tireless.

The base handle of the saw is about 1/4 of the size of a regular hacksaw, which will allow you to fit the Magic saw in much tighter spaces while still allowing you to have the force to cut your material.

Changing out the blades required reading the instructions, but after I got an idea of how it worked it I realized it was very intuitive and easy to do. The 7 included blades will handle almost any task you throw at it, and very effortlessly at that.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my Magic saw.

really good handsaw set

i got this for my husband as he likes to do alot of DIY projects around the house and lately we r missing a saw as we needed to cut some steel
this is a great set - it has a lot of blades, that can be used for different materials
the case it self is very nice and comfortable to organize it all and there is also a sharpening blade

great set for a good price, 5 stars


This magic handsaw is so versatile!! It has different saw blades for all different projects around the house. It also comes with 2 tile drills. This is perfect for any small project around the house, even some large! I used this while I was installing laminate flooring and plan on using it for much more.
The blades are sturdy and sharp.
This is a nice case because it has little magnets in each slot where the blades are to keep them in place.